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LiT is an awesome week for youth in years 9-12 in 2018. You will meet fantastic friends and have a brilliant time but it’s also pretty hardcore. We are going to push you hard to think about your faith and how you can use your gifts for the glory of God. The whole week is about growing you as a Christian, as a leader and as a servant of Jesus and His people.

We will be looking at the book of Deuteronomy and our main speaker (Mike Raiter), with two other speakers at Spring (Ed Sowden and James Delanty) and Summer (Josh Goscombe and Josh Hayward) will be helping us to look into Luke and see Jesus, as he resolutely sets his eyes towards the cross.

If you love Jesus and are passionate about serving Him with your whole life then LiT is definitely for you.

Looking for this years’ dates?

Spring | October 2-6th, 2018
Summer | January 23-27, 2019

"As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem."

Luke 9:51


People speaking at the conference.
Mike Raiter

Mike Raiter

Mike is currently the Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching, an organisation that seeks to train and equip churches around the globe in expository preaching. Mike Has spent time in Pakistan as a missionary, and is passionate about coming to LiT to train young leaders in speaking the word of God.
Ed Sowden

Ed Sowden

He teaches High School Scripture in Bathurst and serves as youth minister at Bathurst Presbyterian Church. He loves playing cricket, coffee dates with his wife and watching super hero movies. Having been to LiT as a teenager himself, he knows how exciting an opportunity it is to wrestle with God’s word and uncover the good news of Jesus.
James Delanty

James Delanty

James serves the youth and young adults at Earlwood Anglican as the Assistant Minister. He loves reading biographies and and playing rugby union at Canterbury Rugby Club. In their spare time, James and his wife Hanri travel around Sydney trying to find the perfect coffee and food combination. In high school he became a Christian on a camp like LiT and so he knows how life changing it can be spending time with God's word and in Christian community.
Josh Goscombe

Josh Goscombe

Josh is the youth and families minister at TOMS Anglican Churches, based in Cranebrook (near Penrith). Before joining TOMS in 2013, he lived in Northern WA, so really he just likes living where it's too hot. After hearing the gospel lots as a kid, Josh started taking Jesus seriously in his life when he was 12. He is now super passionate about sharing the gospel with young people and seeing them take Jesus seriously too, as they realise more and more how amazing God's love for them is in Jesus. Josh loves hanging out with Gods people, spending time with his wife Larissa, playing all kinds of sport, reading a good novel, playing board and card games, and a good cheeky meme.
Josh Hayward

Josh Hayward

Josh is a Youth and Families Minister at Christ Church, St Ives, and is adjusting to life on the North Shore after living in Wollongong his whole life. He loves hanging out with young people, attempting to surf, and eating burgers. Most importantly, he loves talking to people about Jesus and the life that people are able to have with him! Josh is keen to jump off the jetty at LiT, but even more keen to open the book of Luke with everyone!

"LiT is an incredible camp that allows strong hearted Christians to connect in their faith"

Camper (2018)


What's on during the event
Connect Groups
Designed to help you dig deeply in God’s word and reflect on what you have been learning in the Gathering
Personal ‘Time with God’ to reflect and apply what we have been taught
Teaching Target
Designed to help you learn some skills to share God’s word with others.
Morning Tea
Free Time/Activities
Afternoon Tea
Free Time/Hyper-Electives
Prayer Groups
Return to Sites
The Gathering
an all in time for great Bible talks, singing, prayer and more

"Jesus replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.""

Luke 11:28


Partnering with LiT

LiT seeks to serve the local church by providing a place for junior leaders to be encouraged and equipped for ministry and we would like your church to partner with us by sending leaders and youth. This provides the necessary leadership to run a successful camp and a natural capacity to follow up and support the junior leaders after camp. You can further compliment LiT by integrating the training from camp into your broader training strategy.

We recognise that it’s not always possible to send a leader from your church. In that case we would like to invite you to send your youth and let the bigger Christian family support you as we collectively seek to equip and encourage our young leaders in training.

If you are interested in talking further about how LiT might serve your church please contact Ed Springer 0419 277 408 or ed.springer@youthworks.net.

Leading on LiT

The opportunity to be part of God’s enabling and equipping of our young leaders at such an influential time cannot be over estimated.As a leader you will have four primary responsibilities:

  1. Teaching the youth faithfully from the word of God through a Connect Group each day. You will be supported by resources and paired up with a co-leader.
  2. Share your life and pastorally care for the campers in your Connect Group and spend time with them during the program and free time.
  3. Be an example of godliness.
  4. Help the campers from your church identify opportunities to use their gifts and the skills at church and school.

If you are interested in coming to LiT as a leader please contact Ed Springer 0419 277 408 or ed.springer@youthworks.net

"Was a great opportunity for growing and maturing in faith and learning skills that will equip me in ministry"

Camper (2018)


Dress up night

Compulsory fun

Stage 1 training

Fitness of Death

Fun on the jetty

Titus // Spring

New friends

Connect groups

Free time

Memory verse

Praying together



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I’ve never been to LiT before…what stage should I be in?

If you’ve never been to LiT before you should start in Stage 1. If you have been a Christian for a while, you are serving in your church and you have done leadership training through church and school we will still get you to start in Stage 1. Our program is designed to build on the previous year(s), so you will get the most out of it if you start at the beginning. The exception to this is if you are already in year 11 or 12, then you can sign up to do Stage 2. We don’t take any campers in Stage 3 who have not already done Stage 2.

Can I jump straight into stage 2 or 3 so that I can be with my friends?

If you are in year 9 or 10 then you will need to start in Stage 1 (for Summer, that means if you are in year 9 or 10 the year before camp). If you are already in year 11 or 12, then you can sign up to do Stage 2. We don’t take any campers in Stage 3 who have not already done Stage 2. You will make new friends on camp and have time with friends from other stages during free time and the Gathering.

Will I get to spend any time with friends who are in other stages?

Yes! Free time each day and the Gathering each evening see all 3 stages come together, so if you have friends in other stages you will be able to hang out with them then.

How does the accommodation work?

We allocate rooms according to gender for each stage, and then you get to pick your room groups from there. So if you are a guy in Stage 1, you will be in a room with other guys from stage 1. There is time to get to know other people from your stage before you choose your rooms, so even if you come to camp not knowing anyone you will have time to make new friends before you have to work out which room to go in.

"Jesus told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

Luke 10:2

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Port Hacking Conference Centres, Rathane Rd Royal National Park (15 mins from Sutherland).


Spring 2018


Early Bird Registration open May 28th

Summer 2019

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