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HOUSE 2019
MAY 20 - 22

HOUSE is about theological reflection for the best practice in youth and children's ministry
within a community of youth and children's ministers.

In 2019 we're exploring the role of the Spirit for discipleship in youth and children's ministry.

Why this topic? Because the Spirit empowers all life; because the Spirit enables our adoption into the family of God; because the Spirit is God's personal presence; and because the Spirit sanctifies the gifts of his confessing people to serve his people.
So why not explore the role of the Spirit for discipleship in youth and children's ministry?

As you consider the topic and your ministry, think about how you answer these questions:
    Q. What is the role of the Spirit in the formation of children and young people as disciples?
    Q. What are your expectations of the Spirit...

                : for the evangelism of children and young people?
                : for the diversity, giftedness and participation of children and young people?
    Q. How do you speak of the Spirit so that children and young people understand him and his work properly?

Each day will include encouragement from God’s Word, an opportunity to engage theologically and practically with one of the papers, and opportunities to workshop ideas and skills that will equip you as a ministry leader. There will be plenty of time to connect and network with other people who are engaged in youth and children’s ministry in your region or state (or country) and opportunities to form new friendships and share wisdom.

"My soul was refreshed & my youth ministry was deeply blessed "

Simon (House 2018)


People speaking at the conference.
David Höhne

David Höhne

David teaches theology and philosophy at Moore Theological College, Sydney. His doctoral thesis was on the Holy Spirit and the Sonship of the Lord Jesus. He has recently completed a book on the coming Kingdom of God as the fulfilment of God’s promises to save through the Lord Jesus, soon to be published in the IVP “Contours of Theology” series. David will deliver both papers on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and he knows his stuff!

"House was such a brilliant opportunity to make connections and to learn and grow in my youth ministry. It was well worth the time out of my working week and the travel. I'll definitely be back next year!"

Kristen (House 2018)


What's on during the event
**** CONFERENCE DAY 1 ****
Session 1
11:00 am
Discussion Paper 1
David Höhne
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Table Discussion, Q+A
Afternoon Tea
4:00 pm
Ministry Electives (90mins)
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Session 2 & Bible Talk
Jon Thorpe
9:30 pm
Supper + Fireside // Networking & Conversations
**** CONFERENCE DAY 2 ****
8:00 am
9:00 am
Discussion Paper 2
David Höhne
10:30 am
Morning Tea
11:00 am
Table discussion & Q+A
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Free Time
3:00 pm
Mental Health Round Table
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Session 3 & Bible Talk
Jon Thorpe
9:30 pm
Supper + Fireside // Networking & Conversations
**** CONFERENCE DAY 3 ****
8:00 am
9:00 am
Session 4: The Holy Spirit in our C+Y ministries
10:30 am
Morning Tea
11:00 am
Session 5 & Bible Talk // wrap up
12:30 pm

"As a ministry trainee this conference was incredible for learning from more experienced people and seeing the shared passion we have for teaching young people about Jesus!"

Cathy (House 2018)


This year there are two 90 minute practical ministry electives to choose from at HOUSE run concurrently on Monday afternoon.

You have the choice to attend either:

1. The Privileges and Challenges of Leading Teams.
(Fiona Smartt, Executive Pastor - Development of Ministry and Leadership, CCIW Ashfield)

This is the continuation of a series of HOUSE electives delivered over three years on the privilege and challenge of leading teams. This elective will be packed with both leadership foundations and practical skills.


2. Training Your Leaders.
(Ed Springer and the Youthworks Ministry Support Team)

Q. How do I create a logical and effective training program?
Q. How do I put that training into action with consistency and effectiveness?
Q. How can I train leaders to lead and train others?

On Tuesday afternoon there'll be a special focus round table on the issue of mental health in youth and children's ministry.

This was identified as the top issue in Australia among young people aged 15-19 in the Mission Australia Youth Survey Report.

"The percentage of young people identifying mental health as an issue of national importance has doubled in the last 3 years from 21% to 43%"


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I give up 3 days for this?

Because HOUSE provides a space to "learn how to fish" instead of simply "get a fish". That is, HOUSE invites you into a space to theologically reflect on your practice with your peers in youth and children's ministry, and the space to work out a way forward in your context. Most other conferences focus on models, skills, programs, and "how-to's". There's nothing wrong with that approach, HOUSE includes practical electives too, but HOUSE aims to deliver more. HOUSE encourages you to develop your professional skills in adapting and reflecting on your practice in your own context from year to year. 

You should come because HOUSE will help you lead an effective youth and children's ministry that is theologically and biblically faithful, reflective, contextual, and growing disciples.

Q. Will HOUSE be live streamed?

No. It is a deliberate objective for HOUSE conference that youth and children's ministers gather and confer together in person. You can read good theology in books, you can get practical tips for youth and children's ministry from podcasts, you can watch presentations on Youtube. But you only get the personal connection, the fellowship, and the shared community knowledge by turning up in person to be part of it. Why not take some time-out and come along?

Q. What if I don’t know anyone at HOUSE?

It is always a bit daunting coming to a conference when you don’t know anyone, but you’re coming to a conference with other like-minded youth and children’s ministers, and they love to hang out and chat about almost anything! There is opportunity on Monday night to network with other people around specific topics of interest in proximity to a fireplace and a hot cup of something. You can just turn up, join a topic group and start chatting away.

Q. What if I’ve got loads of work to do and I need to carve out space to write a program or talk?

We’re all grown ups here, so you can carve out time wherever you like to do the work you need to do. There's at least 2 hours of free time each day and you can always choose not to do an elective. Just remember that this is a unique 3 day opportunity that doesn’t come around all that often and you want to make the most of it for your own wellbeing and the advancement of those you lead.

Q. What if I don't want to do an elective?

After you register online, you'll be sent an email  about electives closer to the date of the conference. If you don’t intend on going to an elective at HOUSE, you can, of course, elect not to (see what we did there?).

This will help our presenters to have a more accurate idea of what numbers they have, the group dynamics and what resources to provide. You are welcome to attend an elective you haven’t booked for while you are at HOUSE, but we cannot guarantee that you will have any of the resources that come with that elective.

In addition to these electives we hope to have a number of impromptu workshops that form resources in response to the sessions and papers that are presented. For example, in response to Justine Toh's paper, one group of like-minded people may gather to construct a framework that trains young people to discern what is true and could be used across various churches… or something like that. Who knows what will happen but it sounds exciting doesn’t it?!

Q. What’s the “coffee” situation?

We have our own onsite speciality coffee provided by The Bearded Brewer! You can buy quality coffee served in all your favourite ways, so be sure to bring plenty of cash to feed your habit.

Of course you can still take the free option and use the site's instant machines or be “that guy” who brings his own beans, a hand grinder and an aero-press.

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HOUSE will be at Deer Park and Chaldercot at the Youthworks Port Hacking Conference Centres, Rathane Rd, Royal National Park


HOUSE 2019


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