The NSW Department of Education requires all SRE Providers to have a copy of their SRE program, or a summary of the program, publicly available online.

The Archbishop of Sydney is responsible for the authorisation of Anglican SRE material in the Diocese of Sydney. He has authorised only the SRE curriculum material produced by Anglican Youthworks for Anglican SRE.

In Primary SRE, workbooks are available for most units and teachers are encouraged to use these where possible.

Primary SRE

Click here to view the authorised Primary SRE program for the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Please note: The Revised 2017 Connect A cycle and Revised 2018 Connect B cycle resources, Revised 2018 Beginning with God and Revised 2018 Big Questions are the only authorised SRE curriculum for public schools. Connect C cycle resources are currently being revised, and will be authorised and released in time for each semester in 2019.

Click here to purchase Connect, Beginning with God and Big Questions. For teaching ideas and extra resources to support these titles, visit the My Connect website.

All Quiz Worx shows are endorsed for use in SRE. Quiz Worx shows support the learning outcomes of the Connect curriculum, and can be used as special events in SRE.

High School SRE

Click here to view the authorised High School SRE program for the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Click here to purchase Think Faith. If you are a Think Faith subscriber looking for ideas to use with your class, click here.

For students in year 11 and 12 the Sydney Anglican Diocese authorises the Jesus the Game Changer curriculum. This program is only authorised for use in stage 6 SRE classes. The scope and sequence of this program can be found here. Email for access to this curriculum.

Multimedia Policy

The SRE Multimedia Policy requires every SRE teacher using the authorised curriculum of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney to submit all additional multimedia for approval. This includes published written material, apps, music and video.

This policy has been prepared in consultation with the NSW Department of Education Policy on the use of multimedia and is administered in cooperation with CEP (Christian Education Publications) and Generate Ministries.

Click here to submit a Primary SRE multimedia resource for review and approval, or to view authorised resources.

Click here to submit a High School SRE multimedia resource for review and approval, or to view authorised resources. 

SRE Sensitivity Framework

The SRE Sensitivity Framework provides guidelines for engaging with sensitive issues in Special Religious Education (SRE). It has been prepared for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney in consultation with SRE teachers, school counsellors, psychologists and public school leaders. All Anglican SRE teachers are expected to comply with this framework. In addition, other SRE Providers are requested to conform to these guidelines when using the authorised curriculum and teaching resources of the Diocese.