Special Religious Education (SRE) plays a vital role in the holistic education of children, helping them form personal moral and ethical frameworks and nurturing their faith while at school. For many children, it is the only opportunity they’ll have to explore the scriptures and have their spiritual questions answered from the Bible.   

That’s why Youthworks is strongly committed to supporting the work of SRE in NSW Government Schools.

Youthworks has now trained over 2,000 SRE teachers in modules on child development, classroom management and using the authorised curriculum. Each year our SRE teachers complete further development training to support quality teaching and our SRE Conferences continue to grow strongly.

In addition to providing Accreditation Training, the Youthworks team of Ministry Advisors helps ensure teachers and churches receive the support and advice they need for effective SRE ministry in their local schools.

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How to Become an SRE Teacher

Coordinating SRE

For more information on SRE and specific government policies, please visit:

NSW Department of Education (Religion and Ethics)