Youthworks College move makes children’s and youth ministry central to the future of the Diocese

1 September, 2016

Youthworks is excited to announce that from Term 1, 2017, Youthworks College will be operating from the Newtown campus of Moore Theological College.  

“Moving the College closer to the centre of Sydney is critical if the urgent shortage of children’s and youth ministers in the Sydney Diocese is to be addressed,” says Youthworks College Principal, the Rev Dr Bill Salier.

“Young people matter to God and we need specially trained ministers to meet the unique cultural and spiritual challenges of ministry to young people, but every year the demand from our churches far outstrips supply,” says Dr Salier. “This year we’ve received over 30 calls from churches seeking specially trained leaders to oversee their children’s and youth ministries.”

“Our research showed that one of the key impediments to more students coming to study at Youthworks College was its location in Loftus,” Bill explains. “We hope that by moving the College from the very edge of Sydney to its centre, our increased accessibility and visibility will bring more people to train for this most strategic ministry in our churches.”

Youthworks’ CEO, the Rev Zachary Veron, agrees that the ministry of Youthworks College is central to Youthworks achieving its vision, ‘To see the churches of our Diocese filled with children, youth and families oriented for life in Jesus Christ’.

“The decision to move Youthworks College within the Moore College precinct will help ensure the ministry recruitment and training efforts of our Diocese are meeting the demands of our churches across the board,” said Zac. “Ultimately, we hope that under God, this will also mean thousands more young people are oriented for life in Christ.”

The move to Newtown comes about as the result of consultation with a wide variety of people interested in the College and its future, and a very generous proposal from Moore Theological College for the use of its site.

“Youthworks College will continue to offer a flexible, innovative and formative program to its students—that’s fully accredited by the Australian College of Theology,” assures Dr Salier. “All that is changing is the accessibility of our teaching and expertise in children’s and youth ministry within the Sydney Diocese.”

Youthworks Year 13 discipleship gap year for Christian school leavers will continue to be based at our Wanawong campus at Loftus in Southern Sydney.

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