Help train SRE teachers to orient young people for life in Jesus

We only have a small window of time available between now and the beginning of Term 1 to train and equip incoming SRE teachers for 2019.

That’s why your gift is so vital.

Through your support to help reach a critical $236,000 gap, you’ll help ensure that all those who are eager and willing to teach SRE in 2019 receive their training in time and are fully confident and equipped to teach Scripture when the school year begins.

As you know, SRE in NSW public schools is a privilege we enjoy right now, but something we can never take for granted.

That’s why we need to make the most of every opportunity to speak into the lives of children of all ages and backgrounds, helping them understand God, his world and their place within it while we still can. As one Christian parent says …

“If Scripture was to discontinue, it would be hard for my kids. They would sense that they have to be quiet about their faith. And that would be a real shame for them, and for their friends whose families don’t go to church. These kids can’t drive themselves to church if they want to go. They don’t have the opportunity to get to other places to hear about God.”

So, please give generously to help a new wave of Scripture teachers start the new year with confidence, ready to orient more young lives for life in Jesus.

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