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Growing Faith Conference is about equipping the church family to be disciples of Jesus. 
It is for the whole church family: children, youth, adults, ministry leaders, parents and grandparents. Our speaker, intergenerational service, electives and children's programs are all geared to energise and equip you to pursue intergenerational discipleship in your local church family.

Archie Poulos is our guest presenter in 2018!
Archie will be exploring the responsibility of one generation to teach the next the life of faith, and will explore some of the dangers and opportunities in intergenerational ministry.

Date - Saturday 15th September 2018
Time - 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location -  St Paul’s Castle Hill, 421 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill

The conference starts all together with an intergenerational service that will both minister to you and inspire you in your weekly gatherings. After morning tea there will be children's programs for creche through to year 6 until lunch. This will enable everyone else to engage deeply with Archie's presentation and the first elective session. Tasty food and jumping castles will provide a nice break before one of our favourite parts of the day in the family elective. In this second elective year 3+ children are invited to join in the electives with their parents (or an invested adult) and participate in the discussion and activities that will take place.

Morning tea (incl. basic tea & coffee), lunch, children's programs and jumping castles all included.
Barista Coffee available will be available for purchase onsite.


Map of St Paul's Castle Hill

"Intergenerational Ministry occurs when a church intentionally brings the generations together in mutual serving, sharing or learning within the core activities of the church in order to be the body of Christ to each other & the greater community."

Ross & Allen, Intergenerational Christian Formation


People speaking at the conference.
Archie Poulos

Archie Poulos

Archie and Ainsley live in the Eastern suburbs where they attend church, and seek to be as involved as possible. Archie teaches in the Ministry department at Moore College and Ainsley runs a Speech Pathology practice. Archie is exploring how to build clergy competency, and grow in Biblical wisdom, and together Archie and Ainsley seek to build up their married daughter, another at university and a high-school aged son.

"The people of God are shaped and defined by Jesus Christ himself, who unites individuals that the world would never dream of bringing together–but not by clustering them in categories of age or special interest or musical preference."

Timothy Paul Jones, Family Ministry Field Guide


What's on during the event
Check in opens
Intergenerational Service | Nigel Fortescue
Morning Tea
Teaching the Next Generation | Archie Poulos
Children's Program (creche - yr6)
Elective 1
Children's Program (creche - yr6)
Elective 2 (Children from yr 3 included)
Children's Program (creche - yr2)

"What may be needed is a new 5:1 ratio. Instead of thinking 1 leader for every 5 children and teenagers, we need to be thinking: 5 adults to every 1 kid. Adults of all ages whom we recruit to invest in each child in little, medium or big ways."

Kara Powell, Sticky Faith


At Growing Faith Conference we have two elective timeslots each with four options to choose from.
When you register you will need to choose one elective in each timeslot.

Please note that the first elective timeslot is for adults and teenagers only.
During this elective the children's program will continue for everyone in year 6 or younger.

In the second elective timeslot the electives are designed to include children from year 3 and up to model and develop intergenerational discipleship. During this elective the children's program will continue for everyone in year 2 or younger.

First Elective

Mentoring the next generation
Learn how to prepare people for a life of ministry in a relational context and be equipped to invest strategically in the next generation.

Intentional parenting: Discipling in the home
We all know that we should be discipling our children.  But how do we do that amidst the complexities of modern life?  Attenders will leave this workshop with one key discipleship activity to implement.

Following Christ in your School (For High Schoolers Only)
Being a disciple of Jesus in today's school environment can be tough with the pressure to allow all views of life and disagreement is deemed as intolerance. We want to help you know how to negotiate this as a teenager and energise you to follow Jesus confidently and in a way that will draw your friends and peers to him!

We apologise if you were hoping to do the 'Marriages worth Following' Elective. Our presenter has had to pull out due to an accident. thankyou for your understanding

Second Elective

Family as Church: Practical ways to be little church together at home
Jo works as the Family Minister at St John’s Beecroft and loves to see families take seriously being ‘church’ together.  She will offer practical advice on how both parents and children can help others in their family follow the Lord Jesus Christ and create an opportunity for attenders to share how they are going in this area. 

Serving Together: How to get involved serving Jesus’ church
This workshop will help families to identify ministry opportunities so that they can serve together in the local church.

Churching Together: How to break down the barriers between generations
Stanhope Anglican is a new church that regularly runs intergenerational services. Steve will share on how and why their church believes this to be important and how they have broached barriers to doing this well.  Steve will also offer practical advice on how to make services genuinely appealing and interactive for all ages!

Mission Together: How to share Jesus as a team
Families have unique opportunities to serve our communities together.  This workshop aims to raise awareness of ways that families can cultivate a missional mindset and get involved in their local community. 


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If you would like some postcards and/or A3 posters sent to your church to help you advertise Growing Faith Conference, please email us, ministrysupport@youthworks.net. Just let us know how many you would like and where we should send them to.


Is there a children's program?

Yes, there is a children's program. The first children's program block will run from the end of morning tea until lunch. It will be for 18 months – Yr6 at school. The second children's program block will be after lunch for 18months – Yr2 at school. Children Yr3+ will join their parents for the second block of electives which will be aimed at the whole family.

Children under 18months are welcome in sessions. There are 2 rooms available (a feeding room and a toddlers room) that will live stream what is happening in the auditorium that parents are welcome to make use of as needed.

How will the electives that include the Yr3-6 children work?

These electives will include lots of discussion, workshopping and interactive activities. They are designed to be intergenerational in their approach as well as in their content, allowing children, parents and other invested adults to discuss and experience intergenerational ministry together.

Can my teenager come along?

We would love you to bring your teenager along! The importance of intergenerational ministry and why the generations need one another is something to start thinking about from a young age, so we would encourage you to bring your teenager so they can be a part of the conversation. Your teenager can either join in all of the adult sessions, or choose to attend our youth specific elective or gain some experience assisting in the children's programs.

Who are the other adults that this conference is for?

We believe that growing the faith of young people is best done by a village of mature christian adults investing in their spiritual growth. This could be their godparents, a single friend, a childless couple, grandparents, other parents or ministry leaders in your church who love your kids and want to see them grow in their faith and love of Jesus. These people have a significant role to play in supporting parents and investing in the lives of children. If you're a family, please consider inviting another adult to come along with you and your family to the conference.

What's included in the ticket price?

The price includes everything for the day: conference pack, morning tea (incl. basic tea & coffee), lunch, children's programs and jumping castles.

Will there be coffee? No No, I mean proper coffee?

Barista Coffee will be available for purchase onsite throughout the day.

Is there parking on the church grounds?

Yes, there is plenty of parking on the church grounds.

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Registrations for 2018 are closed.



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Registrations for 2018 are closed.

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