You’re changing the lives of high schoolers

Image: You’re changing the lives of high schoolers


Thanks to friends like you, SRE teachers like Caroline are stepping into classrooms confident that the lessons they share from the new Think Faith curriculum will have a positive impact on their students.

In fact, one Year 10 student has already surprised everyone by putting what he’s learned into action.

Caroline explains, “I just did the Think Faith unit, ‘A Full Life’, with a Year 10 class. The unit is about how Jesus gives meaning to a world that can seem meaningless.

“Later, a boy from my Scripture class was part of a group of students who visited a local nursing home with their school teacher. They met a woman who was very sick and was dying. This boy from my Scripture class offered to pray with her. The supervising teacher – who is not a Christian – saw this and told me how she was deeply moved by his love and care of this woman in the last days of her life.”

That’s just one example of how your life-changing impact is stretching well beyond the classroom in ways that God is using for his purposes! So, thank you for your support to create and share the new Think Faith curriculum.

Another SRE teacher, Conor – a trained teacher with years of classroom experience – says Think Faith has had an immediate impact on students. He shares:

“I’ve been using Think Faith in multiple year groups across two high schools. It’s an excellent resource and of a standard I’d expect of any school curriculum. I’ve been particularly excited to see students evaluate their own lives and beliefs during the ‘World View’ units.”

As students, teachers and principals see the value of 'Think Faith', more and more schools are taking up the curriculum.This amazing growth is only possible because of your gifts and prayers.

Ivan Harris, a Youthworks high school SRE Advisor, has seen this exciting growth impacting students across NSW, and says,

“All major Christian SRE providers have approved Think Faith for use by their denominations. Some schools have expanded their offering to give more year groups regular SRE classes ... Others are starting SRE for the very first time or restarting after a very long time.”

This growth is even more encouraging in the face of opposition and concerted attacks from critics and sections of the media.

That’s why, more than ever, it’s important to ensure SRE teachers are well trained and equipped to help orient students to life in Christ.

And, so far, thanks to the support of friends like you:

  • Eight new Think Faith curriculum units and four seminars have been written and are being used to impact students.
  • 37 new high school SRE teachers have been accredited.
  • 30 new high school SRE teachers have completed their professional development training.
  • And now Youthworks high school SRE Advisors are supporting 200 high school SRE teachers and helpers in 110 high schools across Sydney!

So thank you for your support to create the Think Faith curriculum and equip more SRE teachers and advisors to encourage young people to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Please keep praying that God will continue to use these lesson plans – and SRE generally – for His purposes. And thank you for playing your role so generously and faithfully!

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