Thanks for connecting school kids to Christ!

Image: Thanks for connecting school kids to Christ!


Your support helps many school children from all different backgrounds dig into the Bible for themselves and uncover life-changing gospel truth.

This year, 200,000 primary school students will use the Connect SRE resources you helped produce through Youthworks, guided by one of the 2,000 Anglican SRE teachers you helped train.

Kids from Christian families are being impacted, as Laura, an SRE parent, shares:

“My three kids have all loved learning about Jesus at school because SRE has brought their faith into the school environment. It has helped them see that their trust in Jesus is not just for our family at home or church but something that is for all of life.

“As their mum, I am grateful for this broadening of their Christian experience into such an important sphere in their lives.” 

SRE teacher Lynne is thrilled by the growth she’s seeing in classrooms:

“It’s wonderful to see how the little ones take in the main points and learn to sing and recite memory verses. The older children are now using classroom Bibles and are disappointed if they don’t get to look up the passage for themselves!”

Thanks for connecting children to Christ through your support! Become a Guardian of SRE and orient more children for a life in Christ. Find out how to become a Guardian of SRE today. Visit

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