It’s incredible what God can do through your support for SRE

Image: It’s incredible what God can do through your support for SRE


Laura is a Christian mother from North Sydney who is eager to tell you how your support for SRE is not only changing her children’s lives, but the lives of the other children they play and study with every day. 

Her story shows that your support for SRE does more than just encourage children who already receive Christian teaching at church and in the home. It helps them apply God’s Word in every aspect of their young lives. Laura says,

“The things that’ve been good for my kids are the interactions with their peers in SRE. My kids are still at the age where they think if you go to Scripture then you’re a Christian, so we spend a lot of time trying to talk about this at home – saying that just because you go to Scripture doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a Christian. In fact, lots of non-Christian families send their kids to Scripture! Helping them think through that has been very interesting.

“This year my son has been in a really great Scripture class, with a really dynamic teacher, and he absolutely loves Scripture. So now on Wednesday mornings, he says, ‘It’s Scripture day! I love Scripture!’”

Laura’s words should encourage you, because it’s your support for SRE that helps Youthworks train the kind of Scripture teachers who can really engage and inspire kids like Laura’s son.

Laura goes on to say …

“What I’ve really valued about Scripture is the dynamic of bringing my children’s faith into their everyday lives. They spend so much of their lives at school …  Scripture opens them up to the idea that Christianity is about their whole life, not just something they do at church, or something we do at home. It’s not a private thing; Scripture makes their faith more public … It gives them the confidence that Christianity is not something that ‘I have to hide’. I think our society is moving toward the idea that your faith is something that’s private – you can have that, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of me and my life, but it’s for you to keep in your private space. And so SRE helps give my children the confidence that being a Christian impacts every aspect of life.”

SRE encourages children from all kinds of backgrounds to think about God, and helps those with a Christian foundation see their faith as something they can live out every day.

So, thank you for your support for SRE which gives Laura’s children, and many others, the opportunity to delve deep into God’s Word and understand how the gospel impacts their lives.

As Laura shares …

“If Scripture was to discontinue, it would be hard for my kids. It would give them less courage, as they would get the impression that faith is something we’re not allowed to talk about at school. And that would be a real shame for them, and for their friends who are really keen to hear about God.”

Please pray for SRE as together we do all that we can to keep SRE strong in our schools, so children will have the courage to follow Jesus in every part of their young lives.   

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