God works through your support to change lives like James’ and Will’s!

Image: God works through your support to change lives like James’ and Will’s!


One powerful way your support helps reach young people for Christ is by equipping faithful Christian leaders like James.

James is a first-year Youthworks College student and a youth leader at St Mark’s West Wollongong Anglican Church. This year, he befriended Will (name changed for privacy reasons), a high school student who’d started coming to youth group. At a recent combined youth event Will made the decision to give his life to Christ!

This is their story of how God used your prayers and support of Youthworks to change both their lives!

James shares …

“After teaching for two years, I was enjoying working with the high school kids, but there was always a barrier to sharing my faith at school. I loved getting to know the youth and trying to have a positive influence over their lives, but I really wanted to walk side by side with them in the faith. I didn’t want to just teach them history or geography, but the gospel! So I thought, why not marry my two passions: the relational side of teaching, and my love for God’s Word.

“One of the chaplains who worked with me knew I wanted to go into youth ministry, so he pulled me aside and asked if I had ever considered going to Youthworks College. He pointed out that Youthworks College is the only college that specifically trains people for youth and children’s ministry.

I’d met a lot of graduates from Youthworks College who are well equipped for ministry to young people. Their example demonstrated that going to Youthworks College was the right move, and it has certainly proven to be.

“It’s just incredible to have the time to be able to do this. Who gets the opportunity every day to sit down with quality lecturers, and with other people who are striving to advance the gospel?

“The learning experience at Youthworks is awesome because you’re in a community, and you’ve got lecturers who actually care about you and your wellbeing. You’re not just a number. You’re known, valued and invested in as an individual.”

And your support helped equip James to make a life-changing difference in the lives of young people like Will!

“I first met Will on beach mission, and I had the opportunity to build a friendship with him and his friends. I was starting out at a new church in Wollongong, close to where Will’s family live. Will started coming to youth group, and was quickly welcomed into the community.

“A few weeks ago, we had a combined youth night with an evangelistic talk. Will filled out a feedback form to let us know he made a commitment to Christ for the first time.

“When I found out, I rejoiced with Will! I let him know that’s the best decision he could ever make. He told me that’s why he loves being at youth group, to find out more about Jesus, and be with the people who love Jesus and genuinely care for one another. He’s just so excited to come each week. It’s been such an encouragement to see Will’s relationship with Christ grow.”

So, thank you for your partnership in training and equipping leaders like James at Youthworks College. Your support is having a profound impact on young lives like Will’s.

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