12 Christmas videos perfect for church

Image: 12 Christmas videos perfect for church


Looking for that perfect Christmas video to show at Carols, Kids' Church or your Christmas Eve service? With a great mix of music, animation, drama, and humour, there's something in here for people of all ages and stages.

For Children

God's Story - Jesus is Born

A great overview of the gospel and Jesus' role as our Saviour. 

The Wise Men

The animated story of the wise men and Herod. Short, sweet and perfect for Kids' Church.

For Youth

Immanuel – Beat Convention

A Rap Remix of 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' by Beat Convention.

Digital Story of the Nativity

What would have happened if Jesus had been born in the 21st century? This video reimagines the nativity story with all the technology of the modern era.

For an Intergenerational Congregation

The Other Story

Will Small, an Australian poetry slam champion, contrasts consumerism and the Christmas story in this poetic reflection on the true reason for the season.

Silence and Fury

A dramatic recounting of God's amazing works and the grace demonstrated in Jesus' birth.

Come One and All - Garage Hymnal

A song from Australian band Garage Hymnal, accompanied by a gorgeous animation. Perfect for a moment of peaceful reflection.

Christmas in Dark Places

An Aussie expat in Britain explains through a spoken word poem why even in dark, cold places, Christmas joy can shine through.

The Birth of Jesus - Matthew 1

A reflective retelling of Jesus' birth through song and illustration.

An Unexpected Christmas

New Zealand has some wonderfully funny children! Starting at the very first Christmas, this video is a long one, but worth it.

Christmas According to Kids

A clever and very funny retelling of the nativity with child narrators.

Someone is Coming

A creative and beautiful overview of humanity's sin and God's rescue plan.

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