Attention all school leavers: Have you considered Year 13?

Image: Attention all school leavers: Have you considered Year 13?


Peter and Lily graduated from Year 13 in 2018. They’d like to encourage you, or a school leaver you know, to consider applying for Year 13 in 2020.

“Prior to doing Year 13,” says Peter, “I served simply out of obligation. But Year 13 has taught me that God has given me gifts that I should be using to serve him and serve those around me.

“Between our lectures, sermons, experiences in Fiji, and even just chats with other students, I’ve continually realised that God is so much more powerful than I can possibly comprehend and that I should live in reverence of him.”

And Lily says, “My whole life, Jesus has been background music. But spending the whole year deep in God’s Word with God’s people has truly made Jesus the tune to my life; with the melody that says I am made to live only for God’s glory and never for mine.

“I’ve been encouraged by God to not chase the things of this world but to have the courage to seek the lost. Please do Year 13 so God can awaken you from the slumber of life and fill you with his fire – and you can burn for him. You’ll make beautiful, super-edifying friendships!”

Thank you for investing in young people like Peter and Lily through your support. To learn more about Year 13, visit

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